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Scary Movies That You Need To Avoid Watching Alone

When it comes to watching horror movies, then we might see some parents who oppose their children to move towards it. They think that it can affect the brain activity of their kid’s mind and can cause some serious issues to their health also. But do you know that watching these movies can be proven good for your physical, mental and emotional health? You should tell your kid to go for the project free tv calendar also so that they can enjoy their movies.

Burn 200 calories at a time

If you are having too much hectic schedule and not having time to go to the gym, then you should go for the horror movies. These 90 minutes can help you in burning your calories with enjoyment. The calories you use to burn with 30 minutes walk; you can reduce it by watching horror movies.

Free from anxiety

While watching the horror movies, the fighter and horror scenes in the movie trigger some fighting responses in our brain also which will increase the glucose and cortisol in our bodies. By watching these movies, we get a right amount of strength which will make us feel safe in the real world dangers also.

Few movies one should never watch

There is no doubt in it that watching horror movies is good for the mental and emotional position, but still, there are few movies which can make an individual feel danger. These movies can cause problems in their mental stability. Those movies are:-

  • The exorcist collection (US)
  • The Ringu trilogy (Japan)
  • Shutter (Thailand)
  • The conjuring series (US)
  • The tale of two sisters (South Korea)

If you want to watch these movies, then you can but make sure that you will watch them with someone. You can watch other tv series also with the project free tv calendar.