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Concepts That Developer Of Android App Should Know

Almost every person owns a smartphone and uses Android applications and plays the games. To learn android, one must learn the primary languages that are required to develop android applications. Also, Android is a vast subject, and you can learn a lot by learning it. There are many different concepts that are used in , and the one who wants to be developer has to learn the basic concepts. Also, you can visit the apkpure website for learning more concepts.

Here are some Fundamental concepts that every android app developer should know:-

  1. Expert in languages

The most common languages that are some difficult but must be known by the developers are Java and XML. One should have mastery in these two languages as these are the basic concepts that are required to develop the android applications. Knowledge of these will benefit you to develop the best android app.

  1. Learn about the development tools

It is important to make yourself comfortable with all the development tools of the language you are learning and working on. Automation tools will help you to learn the basic things and code before you develop your android application.

  1. Learn about application components

To develop an Android application, you need to learn about application components as these are the building blocks. Basically, there are four different types of components that are:-

  • Activities
  • Content providers
  • Broadcast receivers
  • Services

Every different application components perform a different function and come with a different purpose. Also, its life cycle from how it is created to how it is destroyed.

Lastly, leaning the basic concepts and working with them will help to be a master in developing android applications. With these concepts mentioned above, you also need to learn the database to make your applications work in a better way.