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3 Things To Remember While Buying An Indoor Rower

Indoor rowing machines are excellent for powerful cardio training. The best part about these machines is that these work on both upper and lower body and guarantee incredible fitness. If you want to lose weight and maintain optimum fitness, a rowing machine is a must. The post below offers a brief on the things to remember while buying an indoor rower machine.

Mind the resistance types

In regards to resistance types, a rowing machine covers two options- Magnetic resistance and air-driven resistance.

A rowing machine with magnetic resistance is user-friendly and a breeze to maintain. One of the most important reasons to get a rower with magnetic resistance is its smooth noiseless operation. If you have kids at home or neighbors close-by, you certainly won’t want to disturb them with rowing noises.

A rowing machine with air-driven resistance is great if you need adjustments with difficulty levels. If you are new to cardio workout scenario, you should start low. Rowers with air-driven resistance come with various resistance settings so that you can adjust your difficulty level as per your needs.

Study the market

You should always take a thorough study on at least 5-6 rower models before the final nod. Ask your fitness enthusiast friends for suggestions. Also check out expert reviews, appraisals and suggestions on best rowing machines online. The one you go for should be backed by rave reviews and high ratings.

Mind the metrics

A reliable rowing machine must feature an easy LCD display where you can check important metrics related to your workout session. Your chosen one should be able to give accurate information about distance travelled, speed, total time of exercise as well as calories burned. Besides, it would be great if the machine can also show your heart rate.

Finally, if storage is a problem, look for machines that come with easy-fold mechanism.