Creating A Gantt Chart Quickly And Easily

Creating a gantt chart is something that will help your business be more productive. There are, however, a lot of instances where these gantt charts may get in the way with your productivity instead. This is most especially true when you end up getting a software that is far from being intuitive. In the process, you get to lose time to do your tasks instead. One quick way to get a gantt chart is to make use of gantt chart templates which are already readily available online. The problem is, using the template might not be able to suit the needs of your company. With that said, what are some of the ways to make a gantt chart in the quickest time possible? Here’s a quick run-through.

Knowing Sub-Tasks

These sub-tasks include knowing what the customer needs, figuring out the strategies, building a draft of the product, sharing to customers your improvements and feedback, as well as making changes according to what the customer needs. You also have to include finalization of the product, and the marketing. These are the seven common tasks that you ought to consider.

Making an Excel Table

The good thing about Excel is that it’s basically a clean slate. This excel table will also allow you to plot out a lot of things and you can also carry out the basic functions of Excel that are needed. This includes the start date, end date, and the duration between the two. A lot of the functions, and the cells can be used for whatever variable may be necessary.

Durations as Graphs

One great thing about Excel is that it also comes with the function to create graphs. In doing so, you are able to treat these graphs as timelines, dividing them into chunks of time.