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How To Do Your Own Router Table

Using a router table is most important to craftsmen especially when they are producing tons of wood works. This makes them easy to make their projects and in a speedy manner so that they can be more productive with other projects. If you want to build your own, here are some of the steps that you can follow to do so. This is for the table that is consists of fence that can be adjusted, collects dust, can be either a vacuum or router and easily available.

  1. Setup your design, tools and what you will need

Create a hardcopy of a plan that you are desiring. Measure its dimensions carefully. It should be your desired dimensions. Make sure that you have all the materials that you will need.

  1. Do the cutting

Measure and cut the wood for the top part of your table, make sure this will be the size that you want and comfortable with. Make the holes where you would want to place them. Smoothen their edges.

  1. Setup the legs

Cut the appropriate angles of the legs as you want them to be. Be sure to have the right sizes for each one and there should be two pairs, glue them together and screw them to their correct places.

  1. Create the fence

Cut same lengths of the fences like the size of its top part. Put the holes where it should be and smoothen its edges. Glue them and screw all together from the front to the bottom. Make a hole for the hose of your dust collector.

  1. Assemble all electrical pieces

Drill holes for the wirings, connect the wires to where they should be. Screw them all together, securing that your wirings are cleanly setup. You can also add up covers for the outlets and switches if you want.