Why Fans Get Crazy In Watching Football

Undeniably, football is one of the most popular sports around the world. When it is football season, people gather together to watch the big event and support their favorite team. Surely, you will see a lot of people screaming, jumping, and cheering. Hence, it is safe to say that fans do get crazy in watching football. But why do fans seem to lose their minds in watching this big sport? If you are intrigued, read on as this article answers that question.

Mirror Neurons

According to studies, people have mirror neurons that allow us to perceive another points of view outside of our own. This makes us feel like we are part of the team. So when you are one of the hardcore fans that get excited whenever your team is winning and gets disappointed and sad when your favorite team is winning, this is because your mirror neurons react to what you see and perceive on a television.

Chemicals affect your mood

Another factor that makes you go crazy (in a good way) when watching football is the chemical reaction to your body that affects your overall mood. This is because the neurotransmitters in your body, or the chemicals that your brain produces when you get excited and high function rapidly in your body.

Heart rate increase

This has something to do with our adrenaline. Whenever we get excited in watching football a reaction in our body starts to move that affect our heart rate. This is also called the adrenaline rush. When our heart rates increase, our heart pumps blood in to different parts of our body including our brain making us excited and tense. So whether you are watching situs judi bola or football on television, our heart beats faster through our excitement.