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Home Grown Rules Settled: Illionois Proceeds To The Legalization Of Marijuana

Citizens in Illinois, rejoice! You no longer need to shop online for the best weed online in canada. Lawmakers in Illinois that are attempting to legalize leisure usage of marijuana encountered a problem that was previously encountered by other states before. This is if they will permit individuals to raise several marijuana plants for private usage.

Different rules in different states

The states that already legalized the leisure or recreational usage of marijuana have varying laws about home grown plants. For example, Michigan has a maximum of 12 marijuana plants that persons can plant. Meanwhile, Washington state has totally banned the home growing of marijuana.

Issue finally settled

The concern that sprang up in Illinois was resolved after the Senate permitted the leisurely usage of cannabis. The issue of home grown marijuana was also resolved, only allowing patients who need medical marijuana to grow their personal plant.

The variations in the ban or approval of home grown cannabis mirror the way that different states see the rivaling disputes regarding the home growing of marijuana. The opposition pointed out that it powers the black market trading of marijuana. Meanwhile, advocates of home grown marijuana believe that if commercial establishments can market it, they must be allowed to raise their own plants too.

Kris Krane, the president of 4Front Ventures, a marijuana business based in Phoenix gave his opinion about this development, who stated that “We don’t say anywhere in this country that people aren’t allowed to have a small craft brew at their house if they want to, and I think the same rules should apply here.”

Meanwhile, the head of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police Steve Stelter stated that it is hard to implement a home grown plant ban.