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Top 3 myths about cannabis that should be debunked

Cannabis has always raised steaming debates for ages. A good lot of confusion and mystery cloud the topic which has eventually given birth to many unwanted myths about cannabis or marijuana. To know more about them visit The article below offers a glimpse on some of the baseless myths about cannabis that must be debunked.

Legalization will abet consumption

You have the example of Colorado here. A study has been conducted by the State government to study the impact of legalization of marijuana in the State. But, the government itself has concluded that the legalization process has shown no increase in consumption. One of the main reasons here could be Colorado’s constant effort on creating awareness about the herb. The bottom-line is, legalization along with awareness campaigns would lead to mindful use of cannabis. Besides, cannabis is already popular. Legalization won’t influence its popularity quotient.

Legalization would lead to more DUIs

Again, you have the example of Colorado here. When your State allows marijuana legalization (in controlled doses) in mainstream life, there could be legal training programs for traffic officers to detect its overdose. In fact, that will mark a very important step in preventing overdose issues and preventing DUIs resulting from them. Interestingly, Colorado has experienced 15% reduction in DUI cases after cannabis legalization.

Marijuana overdose is fatal

This is another myth that should be debunked.

While marijuana overdose can lead to serious side effects but it’s never deadly. The common side effects of cannabis overdose are vomiting, anxiety, high BP, irregular heart beat and so on. But marijuana overdose is no way fatal. At the most, it will take you to Emergency Room. However, this point here is not meant to encourage marijuana consumption. You should always know your limits when it comes to consumption of any intoxicating substance.