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Lyric Videos: The Styles and Cost

If you are into music, which you obviously are, then you are definitely aware about the concept of the lyric videos. These are insanely popular and are present in a huge quantity. But still, if you don’t know what these are then here is a definition. A Lyric video is a video in which a song is playing in the background and the words or lyrics of the songs are playing on the screen. Producing a lyric video is very cheap compared to a regular music video with dancers and props.

Here are four styles in which you can get a music video made from the site which is provides lyric video design services

Style 1: Simple Style

Cost: $ 60

It will be a simple video with your music playing and lyrics appearing on the screen. There will be no animations or VFXs in the video so it is recommended for smaller videos as these videos can get monotonous after some time and will not be entertaining.

Style 2: Standard Style

Cost: $ 80

This style is most used, the words pop up in a nice animation and the line transition is also very nice. You can also add a background to the video that makes the video look more appealing to the audience.

Style 3: Advanced Style

Cost: $ 100

This style is also used in a lot of videos. The text animation is very impressive in it and the fonts too are attractive. The background is also animated and will change on regular intervals, this make video less monotonous.

Style 4: Pro Style

Cost: $120

This style comes with a lot of animations and the specific are emphasized. This is great for you if you are willing to put more money.

Style 5: Expert Style

Cost: $150

This one has even more animations and flashing images. It is great for fast paced songs.