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How To Tailor Your Instagram Profile For Business

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms to date. Though not as big as Facebook, it still is popular among people, given its niche, which is on images. This is a site which is perfect for those who love to project or express themselves with the help of images. Businesses realize the potential of this, and hence they are also joining the bandwagon, wanting to know how to get interactions like get more comments on instagram, or other ways to engage with their consumers who are also on the platform. With that said, what are some of the other ways to tailor your Instagram to better suit the needs of your business? Let’s find out below.

Choose a Profile Picture Suited for your Branding

Given that this is an image-based social media platform, invest in getting a good image. Most businesses tend to use their logos. The rule of thumb here is that at first glance, it is clear what you do and who you are.

Get a Name with a Keyword

Remember that whenever people search for others on Instagram, they search for the real name of the company. Matching it with your username will actually make it hard for you to be searched on the said platform. Put it in your Name, rather than Username.

Incorporate a URL in your Profile

Incorporating a URL to your profile description will allow you to lead people to your profile. Adding the URL in the website feat will be aided by CTA, or Call to Action emojis, which whill make the urge to move even stronger for people. Incorporating a URL is one of the most important for those businesses who thrive on recognition in order to gain profit or income on their part.