Players Share Their Best Rust Moments Online

Rust is a very popular survival and sandbox game. There are a lot of global players in it and you can find many rust hacks online to create epic gamer moments but here are some stories from the sub reddit r/playrust that are that show some super cool Rust experiences. 

User u/rustplayer83 said,

“Probably one day back in like July 2016 me and my buddy were dominating the server (I think it was the original blood bane) and we both had AKs on Friday and were roaming. We went up on this rock formation by the old bus stop (loved that rad town) and covered each other’s blind spot waiting for action.”

He adds,

“We killed a couple geared guys and then like an entire naked army (some with bows and spears mind you) just started running up the rocks at me. My buddy was down looting the geared guys and I was like “bro there’s like 10 naked guys running at me with spears help” but he was busy looting. By some miracle I calmly sprayed half of them down, reloaded, sprayed the other half down and we left.”

Then there is user u/Oat­_life, who said,

“… I got super overpowered and got more than half of the “savas” server to worship me and we would go to the monuments and overpower everyone.”

He tells another incident in the same thread,

“… me and my friend joined a Russian server and got extremely strong. We had a lot of stuff happen to us. For example, at our peak these 2 guys came and spent about 4 hours trying to raid us. It went on for so damn long we had to alternate defending and doing stuff in real life.”

If you want more amazing experiences in Rust then you should check out the sub reddit.