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How To Use Heat Transfer Vinyl On Shirts

Customizing an item whether it is a shirt, pillows, blanket or a bag is one way of making it a personalized one. Hence, one of the best and creative ways to personalize things is through the use of heat transfer vinyl. There are a lot of items that a vinyl can be added to. But the most common item is a shirt. As such, in this article, you will learn how to use heat transfer vinyl on shirts properly so you can personalize any of your item. 

Before getting started, it is necessary that you have the right materials with you so you can easily finish the work properly. Here are the supplies needed:

  • Your item. This is something where you transfer the vinyl. It could be aprons, bags, shirts or any items you want.
  • Iron
  • Silhouette machine or any tool you can use to cut your vinyl. You can also use a knife or scissors.
  • And most importantly your heat transfers vinyl. This comes in different forms; flocked, glittery or smooth.

Now that you have the proper materials, now is the time to get started. The first step is to cut your design. Always that you need to mirror image your design because it will be transferred backwards from what you cut. The shiny side of your vinyl down should be cut as well. You will see the one side of your vinyl shiny. Put that side down and cut on the other side. Now that you were able to cut the design, start peeling off the pieces that are not needed in the design. Make sure that you have the exact design after peeling the excess. Consequently, get your iron and out it on a cotton setting. Lay the transfer on the shirt or any item you are working on. Place a piece of fabric over it and iron for 1 minute. Afterwards, cool it for a few minutes them peel it off and voila! You now have the personalized item using heat transfer vinyl on shirts. For more details you can visit other websites.