Guidelines In Choosing The Best Golf Clubs

Golf can be an intimidating game for most people, especially for those just deciding on jumping in on the sport. The techniques, proper form, intricate rules and point system make golf a daunting sport to learn for most beginners, add that to the vast array of options for a good beginner golf club sets which is quite confusing when you’re starting out.

Like with any sport, there are guidelines in getting the right sport equipment for any players. This encompasses the things to look for and what to consider when looking for the ideal golf club. We’ve listed down some points to keep in mind to help you with your golf club hunt.

Don’t rely too much on brand names

You may be tempted to get the brands you are most familiar with when out looking for a golf club without even trying it out or considering other options. Avoid doing this as much as possible. It may be that these brands make high-quality golf clubs but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the right clubs for you. Try them out first and try out other brands before deciding.

Consider grip thickness

The quality of your swing will be influenced by a number of factors, one of which is your grip to the golf club. When looking for a new club, always consider the thickness of the grip. Too thin and it can cause large hand actions leading into the swing, while too thick a grip restricts your hand and ultimately your swing. Ideally, a proper will let you hold the club with the middle and ring fingers of the left hand and just very slightly touching the pad with the thumb.

Importance of shaft length

Shaft length greatly impacts your swing and game. In general, shaft length should be proportional to the player’s height, with longer shafts being better suited to taller players and vice versa. In addition, the shaft’s flexibility also influences one’s game. A shaft too stiff can call lower ball flight and possible distance loss and a shaft too soft can cause ballooning which can also cause loss in distance.