Tips And Tricks To Ranking Up in PUBG Mobile

Are you tired of getting sniped out of nowhere whenever you play PUBG mobile? Are you tired of being always the first to be killed out of 100 players? Do you want to see your name climb up the leaderboards? If your answers are all yes, then you came to the right place.

This article will educate you on how you be the top player in PUBG mobile in no time.

  1. Move from cover to cover

The reason that you are always being killed out of nowhere is that you are too exposed. You should always move in between houses, walls, and other objects to obscure sight. It is also a good tactic to always have an object near you so that you can quickly get to cover whenever you are being fired at. Running in an open field is an open invitation to all the snipers out there.

  1. Utilize gyro assisted aiming

Instead of using cheats such as pubg aimbot that can result in you getting banned, you can opt in using gyroscope aiming. You can enable it in the settings. It is a great way to aim, which uses motions of your mobile phone to move the gun sights around.

  1. Do not drop down into hotspots

Dropping down into hotspots may be a great way to train yourself and kill a lot of other players. However, if you are aiming to increase your rank, dropping on hotspots is a bad idea. This is because in hotspots, you will often be surrounded with a lot of enemies while you still have incomplete gear. At worse, you will have no guns yet and will have to fight with fists while your enemies luckily find a gun to kill you.