Top 3 Text-based Adventure Games

Have you ever played text-based adventure games? Sounds strange, right? Well, you may not have heard about them but the primitive adventure games were completely text-based. Players had to use texts for their commands and video displays were a distant dream back in those days. However, while modern video-based high-graphic adventure games are cool yet the classic text-based games have a charm of their own. If you wish to explore them for a change, here are the top 4 options for you.

The Dreamhold

If you have never played text-based games, you have to start simple to get familiar with this genre. It’s the same thing for a player while playing challenging games like rajaonlineqq. This particular game is especially designed keeping in mind the beginners in the zone. In fact, you will also find a tutorial here to guide you along the way. The plot of the game revolves round a guy who suddenly finds himself inside some cell and is struggling to get out of it.


Launched in the 1970s, Zork is another classic number for text-based game enthusiasts. The game commands a timeless appeal with its gripping storytelling as well as cutting-edge text-recognition. The game is basically divided into 3 parts. The first lot begins with the player standing before some white house. You have to find your way inside that house to collect treasures and move to further levels of the game.

Night House

How about a horror thrill in your adventure game? Well, Night House is just the game for you here. It’s about a boy who suddenly finds himself waking up at night. But, when he proceeds to use the washroom, he realizes that there is some paranormal presence in his home. The game stands out with its intelligent sound effects that have produced excellent horror effects.