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Steps to install tape hair extensions using professional techniques

Tape hair extensions are the most affordable and durable extensions. It is easy to apply for tape extensions at home, but it would be better to use the professional techniques to use the extensions to give your hairs a beautiful look and you can get it from hair extensions ft lauderdale. If you are not sure on how to apply for these extensions, then you must learn the process and know how stylists apply for the tape extensions in hair. The most used and professional technique is the sandwich technique that includes placing the natural hair in between the two hair extensions.

Let us know some steps on how to install the tape hair extensions using the professional techniques which are as follows:-

  1. You need to section your hair with a clear and straight horizontal line in the section.
  2. As you are starting from the bottom, you need to hold the section and then use an extension and stick it to the comb. You need to place the extension away from the root and then release the section where you have placed your finger.
  3. Press slowly and then roll the comb off from the tape.
  4. Lift the hair that is not attached with the tape and clips them with the rest of the hair and get ready for the next tape extension.
  5. Before placing the second extension, make sure both the tapes are even.
  6. After placing the tapes, you need to use a flat iron to iron the tape for a second. The iron helps to stick the extensions to the hair surely.
  7. You need to repeat the steps mentioned above for placing more tape extensions to the hair.

Make sure when you place the extensions you don’t place them inside as they will be visible them and will look odd. You need to place them underneath the hair so that they must be covered.