An Ultimate Guide To Dragon City Breeding

Nothing is better than Games like Dragon city that is considered as one of the most interesting unique game. The best part of such a game is to breed the dragons.  There are a lot of formulas available that will surely assist you in breeding related tasks.  All you need to improve the level in the game via feeding. Therefore, it is your responsibility to build a strong breeding tree and mountain as well.  According to professional gamers, breeding is already associated with luck.


If you are beginner, then you should start it with a generation 1. Make sure that you are breading the powerful dragons.  If you have a significant amount of gold, then one can easily unlock advance characters with ease. It would be better to initiate a game with lower level dragons. In order to breed the Dragons properly, then one should consider forthcoming paragraphs properly.

  • Consider levels

If you are beginner then you should start breeding with lower level dragons that are important for you.  All you need to unlock the powerful dragons by making the use of Gold.  In order to obtain some essential breeding related tips, then you should visit  It would be better to initiate the breeding using following dragons like-

  • Sea Dragon
  • Nature on
  • Electric Dragons
  • Generation 1

Make sure that you are breeding the level 1 Dragons that is fairly easier for you.  Breeding is one of the most interesting and complicated activities in dragon city that depends on the luck only.  Breeding is helpful in improving the level in Dragon city.

Moreover, it is your responsibility to breed archangel dragons that will surely help you in improving the level in a game. Make sure that you are choosing a powerful dragon that will help you in winning the complicated level in a game.

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