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Power And Pressure Wash: Guide To A Proper Washing Of Wood Decks

When it is time to clean the wood decks at your home, the necessary tool you need to use is a power or pressure wash. This tool can help you clean your wood decks faster than any other means. The tool uses pressurized water to eliminate the dirt and other unwanted materials to the wood surface. Moreover, it can remove the slippery state of the decks that caused by moss and algae on the wood; however, be careful about using this tool. If your materials on your deck are made of softwood, using too much pressure can etch and destroy the wood surface. Furthermore, here are the few steps and tips for a proper wash of your wooden decks.

The Preparation

Before you begin on washing and cleaning your deck, get the area ready for work.

  • Wear safety goggles for your eye protection.
  • Cover all the light fixtures and electrical factors.
  • Always check the wind direction.
  • Remove any loose debris and other materials that ‘don’t include in cleaning.
  • Remove obstacles that may cause tripping and tangling of hoses.
  • Close your windows and doors to avoid additional cleaning.
  • Place your pressure washer in a safe area when cleaning.
  • Check the tools owner’s manual for proper spraying patterns and tips.
  • And if you use a gasoline-powered pressure washer, make sure that the area where you put your pressure washer is well ventilated.

Depending on what Wood Flooring you Use

After you prepare the list above, proceed to the main cleaning of your deck. As mentioned earlier, pressure washing can depend on what wood flooring you use in your deck. If it is softwood, it should be around at 500 to 600 psi (pressure per square inch). Unless your deck is made of hardwood, it can tolerate around higher pressure. But make sure it will not go beyond 1200 psi because it can etch the surface even if it is a hardwood.


For more information and tips about pressure washing. You can visit the website, https://www.seminolecountypowerwashing.com/soft-wash.