4 Variations In A Basketball Game In Addition To The Traditional Way

Variations in any game mean where some other game is played like the game. Likewise, variations in basketball mean the other similar games that are played by players with basketball skills. The variations can be very similar to the basketball or can also be least similar to basketball but possess some features of basketball. There are many variations of basketball, but the major four variations that one must know are as follows:

  • Slamball: it is like a basketball game that is played with four trampolines to help the players for slam dunks. Here also, the ball is bounced at the centre court and is played through the net.
  • Netball: this game like basketball is played by two teams containing seven players each. There are four high goal rings in the game placed at each corner of the court. It is one of the most popular games in Commonwealth nations.
  • Ring ball: it’s a South African game both for men and women. Here, the court is divided into three sections, each section containing three players, namely three scorers, three centre players, and three defending players. The ball is passed from one first section to the last section for the goal. There are two goal locations in the game.
  • Wheelchair basketball: this game is much like the parent game with a slight difference that the people play it with disabilities. It is played on a special flexible wheelchair, and this sport is regulated by the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF).

There are many other variations of basketball like beach basketball, water basketball, informal basketball, which are played with no strict rules. One variation is where one can play basketball online on Judi online with the same rules, but there is a difference that it is played over smartphones and PCs.