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The Effects of Modafinil in the Human Brain

Modafinil is a psychoanaleptic drug that helps some people to boost their memory, number ability, and alertness. It is also a drug and medication to treat sleepiness that is due to insomnia, narcolepsy, and other sleep disorders. It also acts as a stimulant for our nervous system. This medication used to help in staying awake during work hours if the schedule is keeping an individual from having a regular sleep routine. Thus, taking these medications has also side effects for the users. Here are some results of modafinil on the human brain.


Boost Memory and Reduces Sleepiness

As mentioned earlier, modafinil can help individuals to boost their memory. It is thought that the drug can also help increase the dopamine levels of synapses between brain cells. It is also used among military members of the armed forces around the world. It helps them stay awake and focused during the term of their service. Some of them have expressed interest in the drug as an alternative to the often used amphetamine. One of the branch to approve the use of the drug is the USAF as a “go pill” for fatigues. Thus, the help of this drug is suitable for people who always sleep deprive and excessive daytime sleepiness. But, report evidence shows that modafinil might be addictive than thought to some of the users. It is also often prescribed as an “off label” for individuals who are complaining of fatigue.


Reduces Depression

There is a study which concluded that taking the drug modafinil that usually used to treat sleep disorders can cure depression. Taking this drug with a combination of antidepressants can reduce severe depression that taking medicine alone. Some depressed patients receive a small amount or no benefits from taking antidepressant drugs alone. The study is a collaboration between universities in London.

How to Get One?

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