The Consequences of An Allegation of Sexual Assault

Giving unsolicited verbal and physical sexual acts is gaining autonomy over someone’s body — which is also, at the best extent of law, a horrible criminal act. This is why offenders aren’t only retributed through jailtime but also stigmatized by the rest of society. Most of the time, however, we take the victims’ psyches into consideration as to how an allegation can deter these inhumane actualizations. But what do these allegations really do to prevent people, regardless of the prohibited grounds they have or subscribe to, from sexually offending others?

Contextualized in a pre-resolution paradigm, sexual offenders who allegedly commit sexual harassment receive a fair amount of consequences, deterring them from doing the act again or not committing it all (if ever they’re proven not guilty), or at least theoretically. Let’s talk about philosophy and deal with the concept of fear. The allegation itself makes a person scared of the possible retribution or punishment. Regardless of the truth, an allegation makes a person afraid of the imagined time in prison, the experience inside jail, and the insane solitude.  It can also make them fear possible damages that’ll be paid monetarily. The fear creeps in deeper and make them think of the stigma that’ll forever be attached to them. Their family, friends, and even colleagues will know, and the fear of shame will eat them. Lastly, the whole process of proving their guilt or innocence is in itself rigorous and exhausting. It can make these people traumatized because who won’t be scared sitting on the defendant’s bench, hoping to get their asses saved? So in theory, deterrence roots from fear and fear results from allegations. But hiring a criminal appeal lawyer in Philadelphia might be a good option for the accused.

Ultimately, the criminal justice system was created to give fair chances to everyone to defend the version of their truth. An allegation, however, acts as a deterring factor for a heinous crime not to be done again or not to be done at all. A crime isn’t a crime unless actualized; let’s make fear stop these thoughts from actualizing.