How To Double Investment In A Week With Crypto Trading?

The cryptocurrency market is a very good way to trade or invest in and make a lot of money within a short period of time. With the right tools and a little luck, traders in cryptocurrencies can almost double their investment in a few weeks time but will require some time to understand the basics of how the trading works beforehand.

Ways to make money with crypto trading

  1. Binary trading – The latest changes in the trading market have brought about a simple and easy way for traders to make money with high profitability in no time. The binary trading option lets the users pick the direction in which the price of the cryptocurrency will fluctuate in a limited time. Based on whether the change occurred according to the user’s prediction, profits are provided to the trader.
  2. Long and short trades – There are many people who argue on both sides of Btc long vs short trades and which can generate more profits in a short time. But, both long and short trades can provide the trader with profits and depending on when they buy and sell the profits keep changing. While going long, the trader has to buy Cryptocurrency at a price and wait until the right moment to sell it for a higher price to make profits. While going short, the trader sells his existing cryptocurrency at a price and waits for the price to drop to buy them back at a lower price.

In both ways, the way the profit is calculated and how the trader should invest differs a lot. So, arguing about which method provides a better profit in a short time is futile. Whichever method used to invest, following signs and waiting for the right moment to sell or buy will ensure good profitability based on the initial investment.