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Tips for hitting Longer Drives, More Greens & sinking Longer Putts

Ask any new golfer about his wishlist or goals, the aspiration of hitting longer drives and more greens would top the list with élan. Alongside, all potential golfers look for guidance on sinking longer putts as well. Are you too a new golfer who is looking to better his stand in the game? Well, then, you too must be having a similar bucket-list. You will be glad to know the post below offers a brief on hitting longer drives, more greens and also sinking longer putts.

Hitting longer drives

You need to be in perfect launch conditions to hit ball at a great distance. First, a player should place the ball forward inside his left heel- i.e. his stance. Now, he must place 60 percent of body weight on right side. One has to tilt the body in such a way that spine gets leaned to right when he stands over ball. It will lead to a strong upward strike.

Players must know the ideal way to strike a ball just as lottery players should know how to find a reliable situs togel. A golfer must strike a ball above the center on clubface. It will lead to high launch & low spin- the best condition for ideal launch with driver.

Hitting more greens

One of the best secrets of hitting more greens is to aim for middle. In case you pull or push the ball, you can get diverted to just a side of green. Your arms, body and swing should be in perfect co-ordination to ensure a strong hit.

Sinking longer putts

Before proceeding with your strike or swing, take a look at the course. If you see fast greens, you must roll the ball slower. But, if you are on slow green, you have to play putt straighter since such green will roll ball faster. It would be better if you can draw direct line on ball. It will help to target effectively. Keep head still while playing putts as head motions can make you miss out on putts.