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The Physics Of Contact Lenses: Everything You Need To Know About!

The contact lenses have come in trend from the last few years. It has been seen that contact lenses are helpful in vision correction as these are placed on the cornea of the eye. The contact lenses perform many functions that the glasses and spectacles do, but it has been found that the people prefer contact lenses more. Contact lenses are helpful in forming the image on the retina by converging and diverging the rays of light that are entering into the eyes.

With the advent of technology, the contact lenses are made up of a combination of both plastic and glass, whereas earlier the contact lenses were made up of glass or plastic. There are many different types of vision impairments which are as follows:-

  • Myopia

Myopia is a kind of visual disability, and because of this impairment, people tend to see the object near which are at a distance and the image appear as blurred. The defect of seeing the pictures near is known as nearsightedness.

  • Hyperopia

In this impairment, the image is format behind the retina and is also known as the hypermetropia. In this impairment, the far object is seen clearly, whereas the near object seems blurred and is commonly known as farsightedness.

  • Astigmatism

This impairment occurs when a person tends to have more than one focal point. Children that are between the ages 5 to 17 have this kind of impairment.

  • Presbyopia

This impairment comes with age and is mostly seen in people that are above 40 years of age. In this impairment, the lens of the eyes mislays its elasticity.

How Contact lenses work in correcting the vision?

The mechanism of the contact lenses is similar to working of the prism as it captures and deflects the light. Contact lenses are considered as refracting light, joint prisms and two rounded to correct the vision. The minus lenses are used to correct myopia whereas the plus lenses are used to correct the hyperopia. There are many different types of contact lenses as earlier the lenses were made up of hard plastic known as polymethyl methacrylate; this is a substance that doesn’t absorb and causes irritation.

With the technology, the soft lenses were introduced, and they are known as hydrophilic, which tend to absorb water and help the oxygen to follow to the eye. The soft lenses are much preferred as these are comfortable and also easy to clean. There are many other different types of lenses that include the colour-tinted lenses and the cosmetic lenses which are used to change the appearance of eyes. People also prefer the colour-tinted lenses for Halloween and parties as these are used to change the colour of eyes. It is better to take proper care of contact lenses and use them according to the doctor’s recommendation.

Bottom Line

Contact lenses have gained so much popularity, and people prefer these most to change the appearance of the eyes, and you can know more about the physics of contact lenses from above.