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Sterling Silver Jewelry: Different kinds and how to care?

Pure silver is the soft silver that cannot be used in functional objects. With time, it has been found that mixing silver with other metals makes it hard and can be used for making the jewelry.  Mixing with other metals makes silver a more durable product and the most common alloy is the Sterling Silver. Sterling Silver contains 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of copper.  It is imperative to take care of sterling silver jewelry as it is prone to tarnishing.

Sterling silver is the high-quality silver, and you can get the silver that has more durability. You can check out the different kinds of silver alloys and know how to take proper care of silver jewelry. You can get the excellent designs of silver jewelry by the finest silver craftsmen.

Different kinds of Silver Alloys

Sterling silver is most used in jewelry and household accessories as it has more durability and has a great appearance. The most used quality marks for sterling silver involves 0.925, sterling silver, ster and sterling.

How to care Sterling silver jewelry?

If you take proper care of silver, then it will last a lifetime. It is important to take care to prevent any damage or scratches. You can store the sterling silver jewelry in cloth pouches or a jewelry box as when exposed in the air it might get tarnish and get a black coating on it. You can also get the silver cleaners and can clean your jewelry at home.

Getting the sterling silver is much preferred than wearing the gold. You can get the sterling silver jewlery by the excellent craftsperson, and the best designs depend on the skills of a craftsperson. You can get to know the different kinds of alloys and know how to care for them.