An Ultimate Guide To Using Tor Browser For Secret Surfing!

Privacy and secrecy are one of the most sensitive issues faced by everyone from authorities and ordinary people. With modern technology, it is challenging to keep your data and information as we extensively use the Internet. Internet is full of websites and people who are all ready to steal your personal information and data. You can use the private or incognito mode in your browser, but it cannot stop them from keeping an eye on you. To avoid them, you need to be entirely invisible, which you can be with the help of an anonymous browser. TOR is one of the most popular and efficient anonymous browsers.

Tips for using TOR for a safe and secure browsing

Install TOR browser and configure it

TOR browser is available on almost all platforms, and you can easily download it from the Internet. Download the TOR browser and then install it on your device. Click on finish once the installations process is completed. Now you will have to launch the browser, and when you will do it for the first time, you will see settings box that will be used to connect to the TOR network. Normally you can click on connect, but if you are using a proxy to connect to the Internet, then you need to first configure the device by clicking on the configure button.

Select the level of security you need

Once you are done with the installation and getting online on TOR browser, you need to choose a security level. You can click on the onion icon to adjust the security, but you need to carefully select it because as the security level increases some features on different websites gets blocked by the browser so choose wisely.

To conclude, you can easily protect your data and information and stay safe on the Internet by using the TOR browser.