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Healthy Home Exercises For A Healthy Living

Whenever we think about strength training, we always have one thing in mind. Lifting weights. But, in reality, you can strength train, without lifting any weights, by using your body weight as a resistant. We’ll look at some of the workout methods for both men and women which does not involve any weight lifting. Along with the workout, you definitely need a diet plan which is not a bulking meal plan. You don’t want your workout to go in vain.

Exercises for women

  • Prisoner squat: You should complete your sets in the shortest time possible to increase strain in your muscles. (20 repetitions)
  • Wide to narrow pushup: This is to work on your sh. (20 repetitions)
  • Superman to plank: For your back muscles and stomach(20 repetitions)
  • Cross plank: for your hips and hands. (20 repetitions)
  • Knee tucks: For your entire lower body. (20 repetitions)

Exercises for men

  • Crab reaches: For abs and hips(30 repetitions)
  • Beast crawl: For your abs and chest(30 repetitions)
  • Bird dogs: For abs (60 repetitions)
  • Side lunges: For your lower body/ legs( 60 repetitions)
  • Transverse lunges: For legs only(60 repetitions)

If you are just starting out, take quick breaks between the workouts for 30 to 40 seconds. Avoid drinking water in the middle of your workout. That is a very big mistake some of them do while doing exercise. It can obstruct your path, and it gets difficult for you to breathe as you are in the middle of a heavy workout. Also, exercise without a meal plan is of no use. Try avoid carbs as much as possible. Because bulking meal plan along with heavy strength exercises will not show you any results.