Fortnite Is An Unburned Battle For Younger Children

Fortnite is the upcoming online battle-survival video game in demand these days. The game allows around 100 online players to battle amongst themselves either as individuals, duos or as a team to be the last man surviving and get declared as the victor of the fortnight series .the game involves fast-paced combat instead of strategic and analytical thinking.

Rating for the violence

Despite being weaponless, it has been awarded a T rating which leads to the fact that it has been declared suitable for the teens i.e. kids above 13 years. The competitive environment makes kids addicted to the game; making them aims for a better score in the next match. The fight for survival includes consecutive scenes of violence which are harmful to a kid’s mind. The battle to hunt and kill zombies over a fortnite period can become devastatingly harmful for a child’s brain.

Addiction and influence of fortnite

It can act as a solid rock in the path of child’s growth and development. The shooter game gradually becomes an addiction stimulating their neurons and thus making them overstimulated. They become hyperactive and face lots of emotional changes. The constant involvement of young ones in this online battle increases their heart and pulse rate making them prone to depression and mental trauma. They can no longer control their emotions and start getting agitated when restricted from playing. Also, the involvement of a fortnite shop and the presence of fortnite daily items like exaggerated outfits, weapons and tools fascinate young minds making them choosy and dreamy.

They start building up their own dream world; shifting away from reality, unbothered by their surroundings and happenings. When a child constantly plays the game, he or she becomes offensive as well as obsessive regarding the game which is indeed responsible for the decline in the child’s health after some time. Furthermore, children tend to lose the insight of thinking and understanding the complexities of life and the capacity of appropriate decision making.