An overview of Duke Basketball Summer Workouts Underway

The Duke summer season isn’t starting right away but the summer workouts are making their mark out there. The young people from the freshmen class have already started with their practice sessions. Apart from this, sources confirm that Tre Jonas will continue to recover from his offseason surgery. Also, Javin DeLaurier who has undergone surgery […]

Gaming Sports

Tips for hitting Longer Drives, More Greens & sinking Longer Putts

Ask any new golfer about his wishlist or goals, the aspiration of hitting longer drives and more greens would top the list with élan. Alongside, all potential golfers look for guidance on sinking longer putts as well. Are you too a new golfer who is looking to better his stand in the game? Well, then, […]


3 Best Adventure Games To Play On PC

Adventure games are one of the most played game categories in different platforms.  Most of the video games available in the market fall under the categories of adventure. Whether it is a shooting, survival or war, adventure games are always on the best choice of millions of gamers across the globe. If you are a […]


Release Date For Android Version Of Fortnite

Fortnite is the same as PUBG i.e. an individual is dropped onto the huge island guide and one must arm oneself and outlast his opposition. Be that as it may, in Fortnite, on consistently begin outfitted with a pickaxe which can be utilized as a skirmish weapon or to collect crude supplies for structured walls, […]


An Ultimate Guide To Dragon City Breeding

Nothing is better than Games like Dragon city that is considered as one of the most interesting unique game. The best part of such a game is to breed the dragons.  There are a lot of formulas available that will surely assist you in breeding related tasks.  All you need to improve the level in […]


2 Important Things That You Should Know About Gene In Brawl Stars

Searching for a Best shooting Game? If so, then one must consider Brawl stars that is one of the most interesting and adventurous game. It is associated with 22 characters, new game modes, and other important things. Choosing the best character can be a challenging task in Brawl stars as so many options are out […]


How Game’s Like Brawl Stars Is Earning $50 Million Each Month?

Searching for the best Game? Opt for a Brawl stars which is a multiplayer game and Developed by Supercell.  It is one of the great games that are earning almost $50 million every month.  According to sensor tower, Brawl stars have already generated $150 in just 90 days that is quite higher than others. Developers […]


Top 3 Text-based Adventure Games

Have you ever played text-based adventure games? Sounds strange, right? Well, you may not have heard about them but the primitive adventure games were completely text-based. Players had to use texts for their commands and video displays were a distant dream back in those days. However, while modern video-based high-graphic adventure games are cool yet […]


Tips And Tricks To Ranking Up in PUBG Mobile

Are you tired of getting sniped out of nowhere whenever you play PUBG mobile? Are you tired of being always the first to be killed out of 100 players? Do you want to see your name climb up the leaderboards? If your answers are all yes, then you came to the right place. This article […]


Players Share Their Best Rust Moments Online

Rust is a very popular survival and sandbox game. There are a lot of global players in it and you can find many rust hacks online to create epic gamer moments but here are some stories from the sub reddit r/playrust that are that show some super cool Rust experiences.  User u/rustplayer83 said, “Probably one […]