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A Review of Fred Rabbath’s Short YouTube Film Drawn

We tell the same stories over and over again, and yet we never get tired of hearing the endless variations over the same framework, no matter what date, place or culture we hail from.

The hero-in-love story is ever-popular. Perseus slays Medusa and a sea monster to claim his bride, Andromeda. Sleeping Beauty is cursed and imprisoned in a tower while her prince battles dragons to save her. Rama’s true love is kidnapped by the demon Ravanna, who gets killed trying to save her, is reborn and finally succeeds in defeating the demon and saving his princess. Sometimes the heroine has to save the hero, as in Howl’s Moving Castle or the Norwegian folktale of Master Maid. You can read about other short youtube film reviews and ways to improve your youtube marketing skills on

Another interesting entrant into the vast pantheon of hero stories is the short YouTube film, “Drawn” by Fred Rabbath. We meet our mild-mannered and slightly slow hero, Ben, who is in love with the soft and fair Rachel. They pledge their love for each other in a beautiful, idyllic setting.

But all is truly not well. The dragon of this story, Scott, is making schemes and planning his revenge for imagined wrongs with his evil mute lackey. When Scott steals Rachel away, it’s up to our hero Ben to gather his mentors (the creepy, yet cozy bag lady and the doctor who’s really a nurse) who guide him through his trials and on to his final showdown with Scott.

Finally Ben succeeds in rescuing his love. Unfortunately, there’s still one small problem for the dauntless hero…which I cannot divulge in this review. You must view the film for yourself on YouTube.

Fred Rabbath’s now-substantial portfolio of short films available on YouTube is impressive, all the more so because he works his magic entirely budget-free, with amazing results. This film is yet another worthy addition: high-concept and highly entertaining in his cheeky, subversive way.

This isn’t the first fairy-tale offering Fred Rabbath has ever put forth, but unlike the darker tone and Brothers Grimm-feel of “Scarlet’s Witch”, the film “Drawn” is done with a more light-hearted hand, and with a sincerity that can’t help but leave you smiling at the end.

Many of the actors in this short film are Fred Rabbath regulars and have an opportunity to stretch their acting muscles in more comedic directions. Bill Kelly moves away from the heavy drama of YouTube short films “The Ninth Circle” and “The Legend of David,” among others, to bring a great simple determined earnestness to the hero character of Ben. Art Wallace, who had a more surreal and villainous part to play in “Darkwood”, gets to play a different kind of bad guy in the character of Scott, and creates some very good and surprising comic moments in the process. The mentor/shapeshifting character of the doctor who’s really a nurse is played by the expressive Tim Nettles, who can also be seen in the Fred Rabbath YouTube short film, “Darkwood.”

The newbies here add their own charm to Fred Rabbath’s latest short film production. Melissa Gail brings sweetness and conviction to the role of Rachel. Pat Maurer lends an interesting and memorable face to her role as a homeless woman.

The fantasy elements immediately foreshadow the ending, so it wasn’t a complete surprise. Still, the hero’s end rounds out the rest of the story nicely. Sean Beeson’s continued music collaboration sets the background of the film so well, as it always does in Fred Rabbath’s films.

This movie clocks in at just over ten minutes long, and it’s not likely to be ten minutes you’ll want back when you’re done watching. Fred Rabbath’s short films on YouTube are worth discovering over and over again.


Liam Rubin is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the University of Cambodia. He is currently the managing editor of T3 Licensing and a freelance writer.