Reasons Why Players Quit Playing Online Games

This is a very common question especially if you’re an avid player of an online game and one of your friends suddenly decides to quit playing. But why do players quit playing online games? Even long term fans and those who play eventually quit or could even quit real soon. There are lots of reasons […]

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Virtual Data Room Software Market Size, Share Industry Trend Report 2019

How is the virtual data room market segmented? A virtual data market has two categories, such as software and services, Organization size, which includes small scale organization, medium scale organization, and large organizations. It’s business function has different categories. Some of the business categories are financial management, marketing and sales, geography, and various End-user Industries […]

Health Care

What Are The Best And Safest Nootropic Drugs?

If you consume nootropics, it will make you more alert, happier, and more productive. It would help users to build good habits. But if it doesn’t work, it may cause adverse effects like insomnia, make you feel tired, and a headache. There are more chances of having a dangerous potential overdose. Various people have experimented […]

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A Review of Fred Rabbath’s Short YouTube Film Drawn

We tell the same stories over and over again, and yet we never get tired of hearing the endless variations over the same framework, no matter what date, place or culture we hail from. The hero-in-love story is ever-popular. Perseus slays Medusa and a sea monster to claim his bride, Andromeda. Sleeping Beauty is cursed […]

Gaming Review

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

Introduction The long awaited sequel to Starcraft, SCII has been long awaited by new and long gamers alike, but does it hold up to all the hype…YES! Taking away all the naysayers and negativity surrounding the release Starcraft II absolutely delivers in just about every way. That is not to say it is without faults […]


How the World of Warcraft Substitutes the Real World for Others

The American Psychological Association may be debating whether or not video games can be addictive, but for many people, the virtual worlds of Everquest, Runescape, Second Life or World of Warcraft can easily be switched for the real one. This is even an issue for other games too, since people got hooked to their favorite […]


Enjoy Playing Ghostbusters Like Its 1984 All Over Again

Ghostbusters hit the big screen in 1984, becoming a record holding giant with an enormous fan base and following. Nearly 30 years later and just in time for Halloween, the ghost-busting franchise continues to attract and is returning to theaters nationwide on October 13, 2011. For gamers, this is a perfect time to dust off […]


Enjoyable Message Board Game Ideas To Consider

Do you enjoy playing games on message boards? It is a fun way to get to know other people in your online community. Of course, that’s aside from telling them  about Domino99. For the past several years I have been running contests and games on the Coordinates Collections message board. Here are some fun ideas […]


Online Christmas Games to Play

If you are looking for Christmas on line games to play, you can easily find them by searching for on line Christmas games. There is a wide selection to choose from, and I have chosen to show you three of my favorite ones to play. If you go on to, you will find a […]