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Lanyards have become one of the most useful accessory to have, be it in the office, school, or any other events. What initially regarded as an ID holder has evolved into a versatile accessory with a number of uses in a wide range of setting.

Any material sewn around into a loop and can be worn around the neck is, by definition, a lanyard. It can either be fitted with a hook or a clip, depending on the design, and often has an attached plastic sleeve which can serve as a holder for any identification badge or card.

Different ways to use a lanyard

The use of lanyard has expanded from being just a simple ID badge or card holder, to a wide range of common and uncommon functions. Here are some ways wholesome custom lanyards can be used:

Marketing and promotional tool

Companies have long used lanyards as promotional items in various corporate events. It has shown to be an effective means of increasing brand awareness and recognition among audience and participants. The customizability of lanyards makes it a great platform for companies to showcase their brands’ logo and design for easier recognition.

Outdoor tool holder

During outdoor activities such as hiking or mountain climbing, it’s important that both hands are free of any burden for safety. Equally important during such activities is having the right tools to survive. Lanyards have become a convenient holder for handy tools necessary to survive outdoor adventures. This way, you’ll get to have your vital outdoor tools readily available while keeping your hands free for other purposes.

Pet leash

Lanyards longer than usual can be attached to a pet’s collar and serve as a comfortable leash during walks outside. You can even print your contact information onto the lanyard material so that if your pet gets lost, anyone who will find it can easily return it back to you.

Liam Rubin is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the University of Cambodia. He is currently the managing editor of T3 Licensing and a freelance writer.