Episode App Has Raised Its Popularity All Of A Sudden

Cartoon characters, for teenagers have been the most fascinating leisure to be spent with. The natural playful attitude with funny expressions would be played by the animated characters showcasing the social irregularities and evil deeds with the good winning over the bad. They would send a clear loud message of purity and hope in a funny and attractive way that would no doubt captivate the child’s mind. However, how about interacting with those characters in real would feel? Thanks to the developer world! Game developers globally have been working throughout to develop interactive user games. Episode is one of them.

Episode is a reciprocal story application, in other words, a gaming application developed by Pocket Gems, released in the year 2014.

More About Episode

Episode is a storytelling application where users can either view and play with the already created stories from a series of branching episodes or can create their own stories. The story is played by animated characters with the characters being teenage girls in the majority. This feature of the application has managed to create a 6 million registered user base, the majority being teenage girls. The popularity can be justified by the fact that Warner Bros and Paramount Pictures have started targeting Episode’s user base as girls majorly Through the application. It is available on Android as well as the iOS platforms.

What is User-Generated Stories?

The application allows users to generate their own stories through a series of scripts and dropdowns. You get to decide yourgenre, your avatar, its style, its dress, other accessories that it might need in the story. However, all this does not come for free. You need to earn episode gems online. Episode gems are used in the form of money to buy resources that can customize your character.

Episode, with a beautiful and captivating, interactive story platform is worth playing.

Liam Rubin is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the University of Cambodia. He is currently the managing editor of T3 Licensing and a freelance writer.