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Fischer Space Pen May Be The Best Ballpoint Pen Available

Ballpoint pens and its function

Ballpoint pens are often overlooked due to its very common function. Everyone thinks of ballpoint pens as a note-taking productivity tool in work and in school for jotting down ideas and signing documents, so much so that most people never thought of ballpoint pens in more detail as it doesn’t seem to offer much differentiation among various brand. Unlike specialized pens which are even featured in online articles such as in

Regardless of how seemingly insignificant ballpoint pens are due to its wide availability and abundance, there are brands of ballpoint pens that can be considered much superior than others in terms of durability and functionality.

Ballpoint pens in the commercial market

The first commercially successful ballpoint pen, the Reynolds Rockets, have proven to the world that ballpoint pens, when designed and manufactured properly, can address some of the common woes encountered when using pens.

Fast forward to now, there’s already a number of manufacturers producing a wide variety of ballpoint pens that may seem similar in function. But among the see of seemingly boring ballpoint pens rise a specific brand which offers a more versatile use and innovative design that makes it technically superior than others.

Emergence of Fischer Space pen

Fischer Space pen, designed by renowned American invent Paul C. Fischer, was the first ballpoint pen which makes works with pressurized cartridges and thixotropic ink. The emergence of Fischer Space pen, popularly known as Bullet Space pen in 1948, has opened a number of possibilities for the use of ballpoint pens.

Fischer Space pen versatility

Fischer Space pen has been designed to be able to write to practically all surfaces, from soft ones like butter to hard steel. Upgrades since its invention, mostly requests from organizations like NASA, have also made Fischer Space arguably the most durable ballpoint pen available, withstanding extreme temperatures.

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