Free Online Games For Children

If you are a parent and want your child to have the freedom to play online games but you are concerned about violent games then this article should help you. Here you will see ten fun and free online games that are suitable for children and are non violent. These free online games for children can be found on two sites: and You can visit Situs Judi Bola for more online games. You get a wide variety of game that both kids and adults can enjoy.

Text Twist

Text Twist is a free online game for children found on It is both fun and educational. The challenge of this free online game is to create as many words as possible from a set of mixed up letters. It is possible to re-scramble the group of letters to help find more words. There is a set amount of time and the goal is to create as many words as possible within this time.


Zuma is an exciting free online game that is suitable for children. It requires skills of speed and accuracy. In Zuma the player is presented with coloured moving balls and it is their job to eliminate them before they reach the centre. To eliminate the balls the player will have to group at least two of the same colour together and shot a same coloured ball at them to remove them. There are accuracy bonuses and slow down balls that temporarily slows the movement of the balls down. This is an exhilarating and addictive free online game that kids will love. It can be found on


Bookworm is another educational and fun free online game presented by It is a free online game that centres on creating words by linking letters together. As words are created the used squares disappear and are replaced with new letters. The player gets more points for longer words. There are also some extra features that make the game more fun and challenging. These are the red flaming letters and the green letters. The red flaming letters are dangerous and you cannot let them reach the bottom of the board or else all your letters will go on fire. You will need to use the flaming letter in a word as soon as possible to ensure that this does not happen. The green squares are good and give the player extra bonus points when they are used in a word.


Chuzzle is a very cutesy online puzzle game. It consists of fluffy coloured creatures that the player will need to move up and down or back and forth in order to get three of the same colour grouped together resulting in their removal from the board and points being earned. There are various levels that get progressively more difficult. Chuzzle is a free online game suitable for children that is found on


Another fun game that requires some puzzle solving skills. The theme of Atlantis centres around Harry, the husband of Coral who has been captured by Poseidon. It is Coral’s job to rescue him and the player’s job to finish the challenges to help her reach that goal. The challenges consists of coloured balls on a wheel. They need to be matched and removed on each level to free Harry. Atlantis is a free online game.

Fish Tycoon

Fish Tycoon is an interesting free online game that helps teach management and responsibility while having fun. The game is basically running a fish business. The player starts from scratch building their aquarium, buying supplies and selling fish. It has gotten some great reviews by users and it is a fun free online game for children.

Inspector Parker

This game requires skills of observation and problem solving. The player’s goal is to discover the perpetrator of a crime at a large mansion. To solve the crime the player will have to search through various evidence, investigate various suspects and draw conclusions. Inspector Parker is a highly popular game that is free to play and it is non violent, making is suitable for children.


Equilibria is a free online game found at It is suitable for children as it is basically an easier version of the classic game, Tetris. The player must group marbles of the same colour together to destroy them and earn points.

Mini Ball

This is a sports game that is similar to the real world game called Foosball. This version is a free online game suitable for children that is found at The game can be played either single player or multi-player (max 2). Players will have to manoeuvre a soccer ball around their opponent to score goals. There are three difficulty levels so a beginner can easily learn and enjoy this popular free online game.


This is a quirky game that crosses the classic pong with bowling. The object of the game is to knock down the pins located at the end of “bowling” lanes. The player has two chances at each lane to knock down the pins. To knock down the pins the players uses a large ball to direct a smaller ball down the lanes and strike the pins. It takes a little practice a first but once the player has a basic understanding it will provide loads of fun. This free online game for children is located on the website.

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