Reasons Why Players Quit Playing Online Games

This is a very common question especially if you’re an avid player of an online game and one of your friends suddenly decides to quit playing. But why do players quit playing online games? Even long term fans and those who play eventually quit or could even quit real soon. There are lots of reasons and let me share to you some that I have observed and actually experienced. You can visit jasabola88 for the best online games that are out there. You can easily navigate through all the games as you get yourself your favorite game. You get the best adventure, action, role-playing and card games that are there online.

The first, and probably the most common reason why, is boredom. There are lots of ways to get bored in playing online games. There could be no updates on the game and it becomes less interesting. If it stays the same for a few months, players will look for something new. Some players also play alone and eventually they’ll get tired and get bored playing alone. They could have friends but he/she is still susceptible to quitting because of being tired.

There are probably lots of games out there that don’t have much to offer like features or places to go. It wears out the player if they do the same thing again and again.

This leads to the next reason which is the lack of goals. There’s no point in playing if you don’t know why you need to. Yes, it’s a given that you could enjoy the game but if you have reached your goal (get the maximum level or acquire the most powerful and rarest items), it may lessen the player’s motivation to stay in the game.

Another reason is the game’s economy. Most of the games out there have trading systems and in-game money. A player may get de-motivated if he/she isn’t able to acquire enough cash to sustain the needs of the character. It’s common that in order for you to do something more challenging, you need better equipments and items. It is really hard especially if you’re starting in an online game that has established trading for years.

Sad to say, even on online games, a few may quit because of social issues. Other players in the game are controlled by real people and it is possible that you’ll encounter rude people often. It’s a factor that could lead gamers away from the online game. That may even mean that the admin is lenient. Or, for the benefit of the doubt, it just happens that there are more rude people in the game.

A lot of online games need real money. This means that in order to play, you have to buy game time from the publisher. If a player doesn’t have enough money to play the game or doesn’t have any extra to spare, it may lead him/her to ditch the game entirely.

For some, they may have realized that they need to prioritize other things besides playing online games. I’ve known a lot of players who play 8 or more hours a day. There’s school, work, family and friends. I also play for long hours if I have no work or school.

Well, as long as you’re having fun and if you have the means to play, that’s fine. But if other priorities are getting neglected, that’s something to think about. Time management could be the key and there has to be balance. It’s perfectly fine to quit playing online games.

Liam Rubin is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the University of Cambodia. He is currently the managing editor of T3 Licensing and a freelance writer.