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Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty


The long awaited sequel to Starcraft, SCII has been long awaited by new and long gamers alike, but does it hold up to all the hype…YES! Taking away all the naysayers and negativity surrounding the release Starcraft II absolutely delivers in just about every way. That is not to say it is without faults but Blizzard gives gamers a game that will live on for a decade much like its predecessor.

Graphics 10/10

This game really sets the bar for visuals. Not only are the cinematic scenes breathtaking but the actual maps have so much going on in the background it’s incredible. You can really see that blizzard poured a lot of time into the visuals on this game. It is somewhat demanding on the processor though so make sure you have an updated graphics card. Many gamers have had to install new power supplies just to be able to power the necessary graphic cards.

Audio 8/10

The audio on the game is actually really good. The music captures the atmosphere great during the campaign and has a real Firefly feel to it. The voice acting is also quite superb, some of the voices having to be replaced since the original. In my opinion the two voices that stand out the most are Jim Raynor and Zeratul. Zeratul’s voice actor is not the same as the original yet he manages to capture the same essence as he had in the original game. The characters all do a solid job of making you feel involved in the game and drawing you into the story, Tychus will have you laughing within minutes of his appearance in the game. The only reason that points get docked a bit is due to a few really drab songs and the tendency for the game to recycle music over and over.

Story 10/10

Love what Blizzard did with the game or hate it, it can’t be denied that the story is pretty epic. From the beginning of the game you are immediately drawn into the world by the gritty portrayals of the characters and the delivery of the story. You find yourself getting angry with the characters and their enemies, and any game that can do that has gone above and beyond. Just look at the amount of debate over the story that was written before the game came out and you can see that Bilzzard really does a great job of getting fans engrossed within the plot. Without spoiling any of the details it is easy to say that this game blows fans of the original away and is easily accessible to newcomers.

Gameplay 8/10

Here is where it gets tricky to give Starcraft an 8. Part of me feels that if it’s an 8 it’s a low 8. They haven’t really brought in anything new to the gameplay, which isn’t a problem as it is still just as enjoyable as the original was. The reason that the game gets a low 8 is due to the multiplayer. The single player mode offers a vast amount of units and upgrades making the game experience a lot more interesting. Almost all of these abilities and many of the units are not included in multiplayer games. While understanding balance issues the lack of these new features is highly disappointing. Overall though the game provides a clean interface that is easy to use and adapt to, several hotkeys for the gaming extremes who compete online and literally years of fun on its online play. Fans of the original will have no trouble sitting right back down to battle the Zerg. To find more interesting games or items, you can visit gmestart. It is a website where several video game merchandize is being offered in reasonable prices.

Map Editor 10/10

You may be wondering why the map editor has its own section. Well to be honest it is really a game within itself. Blizzard has given the gamer the tools to create their own games, from RPGS to overhead shooters it really is a comprehensive tool. The amount you can do with this editor is absolutely unheard of with games. It could be the topic of its own article. I highly suggest trying to delve into this once the game has been purchased it will be a rewarding experience.


Gamers may complain that Starcraft II is not a complete game, that it is only 1/3 of what it should be. This is an unwarranted statement. The campaign does only offer the first part of the trilogy but that does not make it any less of a game. Is Star Wars a New Hope not complete because it is only one part of a series? Absolutely not, Starcraft is a whole game that will be completed over the course of two more expansions. In a time when sitcom cookie cutter games are released at an alarming rate Starcraft II offers gamers a chance to live with a game and enjoy it for a decade much like its predecessor.

Score = 9.2/10

Liam Rubin is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the University of Cambodia. He is currently the managing editor of T3 Licensing and a freelance writer.