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The Best Water Park For Kids

Summer is near approaching and you probably thinking what to do or where to go for a vacation. If you haven’t tried water park yet, then it is time to bring your whole family to the nearest water park. Your loved ones will definitely love this amusement destination because it brings out an ambience of the combination of amusement park and water. There are several water park that you can go to, but to help you out, here are some of the best water park for kids that you may want to consider.


In this water park, you can definitely enjoy and have fun in an inner tube on the Congo river Expedition before plunging 3 stories and turning in spirals on the Master Blaster Uphill Water. Coaster. This water park is located in New Braunfels, Texas. You can find a lot of activities for kids like the Kinderhaven water playground.

Water country

Another great water park that you can visit is the Water Country. It is located in New England. Your kids will definitely love the parl’s 3 separate kiddie play areas where they can shoot water cannons. There are also a lot of slides in this park.

Water World

If you are looking for a water park with a lot of pools, water slides and a nice scenic views of the Rocky Mountains, then Water World is definitely the one you’re looking for.


Now if your kids are lego fanatic, then LEGOLAND Water Park is the best choice for your family. This water park is lego themed so your kids will definitely appreciate it. It is also known to be a safe water park as it gets its materials from trusted inflatable park supplier.

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