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The Consumer Purchase Decision Making Process

The buying behavior is something that the marketing department focuses on. They try to identify the behavior so that they can make the product they are selling seem more lucrative to the buyers. You can learn about the different aspects of consumer behavior on websites such as

Here are the 5 stages of any decision-making process:

  1. Initially, it is really important for any consumer to understand their requirement and need before they think about buying something. This is where business owners need to work on. They should focus on finding out the needs and requirements of their target market. This is the first step in this decision-making process.
  2. Secondly, the consumer heads out to search for the specifications of the product they need. There are several ways this process works. There are different ways any consumer would conduct his product research. They can look online or offline for the product themselves or they can talk to their friends or relatives for this. This is an effective way for them to get credible reviews about the products.
  3. The next step in this process is to consider all the options and alternatives of the product that are out there. People tend to buy a certain product that they find better and cheaper than all its alternatives. This is why it is really important for business owners to price their products properly and make sure that the quality is also up to the standards.
  4. Now the consumer is ready to make the purchase after evaluating all the factors and features of the desired product. This way the consumer gets to a logical conclusion about the product and proceeds to buy it online or offline.
  5. Lastly, after the purchase, the consumer evaluates the product and makes sure that it is up to mark and there are no shipping damages as well. Moreover, if the consumer is not satisfied with the quality he/she might return the product thereafter.

All these are the stages that any consumer goes through as they go out to buy any product.



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