Drug Abuse

The Truth Behind Marijuana

Marijuana is a herb that comprises of dried leaves, flowers, stems and the seed of Hemp plants which are also known as Cannabis (Sativa and indicia). The marijuana herbs are readily available in many bremerton cannabis dispensary in a wide range and are prescribed to all certified marijuana medical cardholders as well as mature grownups above 21 years. These dispensaries also serve as sponsors, activists, and influencers of cannabis communities across the globe.

Medical uses of consuming marijuana

Traditionally, marijuana is used for the treatment of different erythrogenic and oesophagus disorders in the human body. It is also part of the medicines prescribed to reduce depression, anxiety, and help relieve psychological disorders.

Nowadays, marijuana is used as a stimulant for cancer treatment in bremerton cannabis dispensary and others; these herbs are taken along with the medicines for treatment. The usage of marijuana helps to maintain weight during chemotherapy sessions, thus assuring the survival of patients during cancer treatment. Moreover, marijuana does not contain any actual anti-cancer properties.

The harmful impacts of consuming marijuana 

Marijuana holds almost 120 plus compounds which probably possess different properties. Despite its medicinal chattels, its continuous consumption leads to addiction that causes massive chaos in the human body.

Marijuana is marked as an illegal drug in many countries. It started to be the most recognized drug among young adults (15-26 year olds) in 2015. Reports show that they were consuming it for at least one year. A multitude of cogenerates and cigars contain little or an integral portion of marijuana.

The instant effect of marijuana usage is on the human brain; the mind-altering THC chemical in marijuana directly reaches the brain and affects specific cell receptors, which improve brain functions at fullest. The long term usage of marijuana causes some physical and mental impacts such as breathing problems, and disorganized thinking.

Liam Rubin is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the University of Cambodia. He is currently the managing editor of T3 Licensing and a freelance writer.