Tips To Help Women Get A Perfect Shave! Check It Out To Know More.

Did you know that women have about eighteen more areas of their body to cover when they shave compared to a man? Think about it. Most women will want to shave their legs, their arms, and their bikini area. That is a lot of area of the body to cover. This is why there are many different types of razors and other methods for women to women their unsightly and irritating hair. Of course, most women will still agree that shaving is still the easiest and the cheapest way to remove that hair. What they won’t agree that it is the perfect way to shave. That it is why we all need to share our tips to help perfect that ideal shave. Here are a few of this writer’s tips:

Start With A Clean, Fresh Razor

This sounds like a simple tip. Yet, many of us will use and reuse our razors, time and time, again. This means that we are trying to remove our hair with dull blades and never performs nassrasierer test to check its quality. These blades may not do the trick. They may also cut and knick our skin. This can lead to not only cuts, but unsightly bumps.

Always Use a Shaving Gel Or Cream

No, water won’t do the trick. You need to use a shaving cream or gel when you are shaving. Ideally, you should use one that is made for a woman. You can also use body washes and hair conditioners, too. Just don’t use plain water.

Don’t Shave Dry Skin

You should never try to shave your skin when it is dry, unless you are using an electric shaver. If you are using a disposable razor, you must shave while your skin is soft and wet. You should also give your skin time to become soft and damp in the water, first. This is why it is ideal to shave after you have taken your bath or shower.

Prep Your Skin

Once your skin is wet and soft, begin your prep for shaving. Apply the shaving cream or gel onto your legs or whatever area you are shaving. Apply it in a circular motion. This will help the hairs to stand up and help you shave the easier, as well as closer.

Use A Multi-blade Razor

Always, use a multi-blade razor. These will cut closer. It is up to you whether you purchase one with a lotion strip on it or not.

Shave In the Right Direction

When shaving your legs, you should begin by shaving above your ankle. Now shave upwards, in short strokes. You also will want to rinse off your razor after a few strokes. Bend your leg, as you shave around your kneecap. When shaving underneath your arm, shave in a T like pattern. The hairs in this area grow at many directions. When shaving in your bikini area, don’t forget to use the shaving cream or gel. This will help curb any irritation that may occur. Shave with the grain of your hair and then shave across working your way outside and inside the area. This will help you catch any stray hairs.

Wait Before You Apply Lotion

Yes, you may wish to apply lotion after you shave, especially your leg area. However, you should wait twenty minutes or so. This will help reduce the stinging effect.

If you follow the above steps, you may not only achieve a smooth shave. You may achieve a shave, without any irritation.

Liam Rubin is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the University of Cambodia. He is currently the managing editor of T3 Licensing and a freelance writer.